Firmware as a Service

The cloud solution Firmware as a Service is the collection of services which supports the distribution and update of OTA firmwares to your Ledvance IoT devices. It permits you to distribute your firmware over Wi-Fi or mobile network using our API without requiring the user to connect the device to a computer via USB to perform the update, because firmware updates are available for download from our Firmware as a Service.

Firmware Overview

On this page you will find Zigbee OTA firmwares for your Ledvance IoT devices. Download the latest OTA firmware and update your light, sensor or switch. You can find our newest features in the release notes for your better customer experience.


The services are possible to bind through HTTPS REST APIs. The API is platform independent so you can free build your software clients in different programming languages C#, Java, Ruby, Javascript, Python, PHP etc. The code samples of clients are provided in the documentation. Please read the documentation for the usage.